< Modern and flexible BPMS for companies that need to grow without bureaucracy >

FOCVS ‘BPMS solution is fully customizable and has numerous features to facilitate the complete management of the activities and processes of the various departments of your company.

A robust system to control processes and flow of activities between departments, easy to use and flexible. FOCVS BPMS allows mapping, execution and monitoring of processes to transform the company’s operations.

With the adoption of BPMS technology, standardization of the work model is carried out, reducing errors and costs and increasing customer satisfaction. The tool allows organizing routine activities, reducing the bureaucracy of processes and services, and generates autonomy in the development of projects and continuous improvement.

< centralized process management >

Manage your ongoing processes in a simple and agile way. In addition to your user processes, access corporate processes.

< centralized activity management >

Manage in a simple way all your ongoing activities, regardless of the related processes. Also access the activity history through an exclusive panel or directly in the processes.

< graphic creation of processes >

Develop your processes through a graphical interface, creating each step of the process according to BPMN 2.0 Notation.

< multiple hierarchies of functions and departments >

Configure and manage multiple hierarchies of departments and functions according to each process or organizational structure.

< process performance management >

Set up predicted times for each activity, and track their execution by identifying the execution times and what are the main bottlenecks in your processes.

< connectivity between systems >

Through integration fea tures, connect your processes with your company’s different solutions and systems.

Productivity increase

Waste reduction

Improved profitability

Reduction of bureaucracy

Customer and user satisfaction and loyalty

Reduction of process errors